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SUPERA by Deratech BVBA


SUPERA Flat Bed Laser Cutting

The Supera is a state of the art CNC fiber laser cutting machine with shuttle table and delivers outstanding and fast production performances. Available up to  50 KW.

You can choose between MAX or IPG laser sources. Laser head could be as required as well - Raytools, Precitec, Hans head etc. 

Inquiry today to get further details on this very popular single table solution. 


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User Friendly Software & Control System. User friendly software with simple graphical

drawing, including point, line, circle (arc), rectangle, polygon, Bezier curve, text

and other basic drawing elements. Supports multiple formats. Graphics can be typeset, zoomed, translated, mirrored, rotated, lead-in / lead-out, micro-connected, and node edited, which is convenient for users to edit graphics.

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