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Limited edition models currently available which are manufactured from time-to time under the name of Trikolora.

Available only for another few weeks or until the offered machines are sold out.


There are 3 models covered under this promotion:


Pegasus 230x280 GH-LR

Pegasus 300x320 SHI-LR

Pegasus 360x500 SHI-LR

Gravitational Bandsaws

Manually controlled quick clamping vice, cut is regulated by a hydraulic damper and a restrictor choke valve. A course of a cut is not influenced by a human factor and it causes a higher bladelife. A operator starts a machine pressing button START and sets a cutting speed. After finnishing the cut machines stops itself automatically and an operator lifts the arm manually to the start posittion. Feeding of material is manual. Angle cuts are possible by arm turning.

300x320 GH-LR.jpg

Automatic Bandsaws

All working movements of an arm, a vice and feeders are manipulated by a hydraulic agregate. The arm is pushed by towards the cut by a doubleacting hydraulic cylinder. A speed and a force of a working movement are regulated. There is possible to make a lot of feeds. Number of pieces is set in the controlling panel, setting of a lenght is made manually. It is possible to choose an automatic or a semiautomatic regime where all movements are controlled independently. Angle cuts are possible.

300x320 A-CNC-R.jpg

Semi Automatic Bandsaws

A hydraulic semiautomatic band saw machine SHI with a complete hydraulic controll. The machine is equipped by a controll system and by a hydraulic agregate which after the starting a cycle controlls vice clamping, cut, arm lifting to a selected location and vice opening. The arm of machine is pushed towards the cut by a double acting hydraulic cylinder with a possible regulation of a press and rate of flow. Material is manually manipulated. Turning arm for angle cuts.

360x500 SHI-LR.jpg

Double Column Bandsaws 

SHI / X: A two-column semiautomatic band saw machine with a complete hydraulic controll. The two-column construction with linear bearings ensure max. precision and speed of blade.Turning for angle cuts up to 60 grades to the left and to the right.

X-NC-BS: It is a highly efficient automatic band-saw with multiple material feed. Controlled by hydraulic and servomotor.

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