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RHTC supplies high quality, European made & CE compliant motorized workshop presses and they are available in all different kind of models:


RHTC's hydraulic workshop press is eminently suitable for specialist machining and metal forming work. To straighten and press in and out bearings for example. That is why a Profi Press workshop press is a must-have for engineering workshops, repair firms and technical training institutions. This machine is produced with a H-frame press in the Netherlands by using advanced CNC machines and robots. The casing of this hydraulic press is very stable and its hydraulic system is extremely precise, whether operated electrically with the joystick or manually with the hand pump.

Features of the Profi Press workshop presses

Each Profi Press workshop press is equipped with a movable cylinder (except for the 30 ton model), an integrated manometer and a pressure regulator. It also has two speeds (a fast approach speed and a slower working speed), a joystick and a hand pump for precision pressing. Furthermore, the height of the heavy work table is easy to adjust; effortlessly by using the motor of this motorised hydraulic press. All RHTC Profi Press models comply with the strictest regulatory requirements, meeting the European CE standards. 

These motorised workshop presses can be equipped with various optional accessories. For example a set of V-blocks, a foot pedal or a mandrel set. In addition, it is possible to adjust some dimensions of the standard electric workshop presses. If you would like to work with a tailor-made hydraulic press; ask us for possibilities. 

Profi Press motorised workshop press, exclusively made in the Netherlands
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