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RHTC manufactures their straightening press with motorized movable portal in Europe. The press is very useful for the straightening of large sheets and heavy structures.


RHTC's hydraulic straightening press is made out of high quality S355JR steel. These models have a movable cylinder and a movable portal / bridge. The movement of the headstock and the frame is motorized for an easy and effortless operation. A motor with frequency inverter and a cogged belt perform the longitudinal displacement of the frame. This feature ensures precise and sensitive movements.

Profi Press straightening presses are equipped with a double acting cylinder. Furthermore, this cylinder contains a chrome-plated piston and a removable hold-down plate. In addition, the plate is machined at the end to adapt tools for specific jobs. Also, it is easily to regulate the cylinder stroke with the end-stroke limit switches. The two-speed motorized hydraulic unit has an automatic disconnection of the high speed once there is counterpressure.

Operation of these portal presses is done by means of a pendant control station with push-buttons. With these buttons you can choose between a slow or fast approach- and return speed. The control panel features a switch for selecting the work-mode (manual or semi-automatic). It also contains a manometer and a pressure regulator as well.

These straightening press come with a warranty of two years. Additionally, RHTC produces them with high quality components of well-known brands only. Furthermore, they fulfil the latest CE-regulations to guarantee the highest possible quality.

Portal press with two cylinders.png


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