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SPACESAVER by Hans Songu

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SPACESAVER Fiber Laser Cutter

Are you constraint for space? or are you simply looking to procure a economical cutting solution. Check out this single table fiber laser offered by Hans Songu. Available with a 3000 x 1500 mm table, and laser power options from 1 ~ 6 KW. 

You can choose between MAX or IPG laser sources. Laser head could be as required as well - Raytools, Precitec, Hans head etc. 

Inquiry today to get further details on this very popular single table solution. 


Powered By Songu

Pneumatically Operated / Electrically Controlled Front Cover

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User Friendly Software & Control System. User friendly software with simple graphical

drawing, including point, line, circle (arc), rectangle, polygon, Bezier curve, text

and other basic drawing elements. Supports multiple formats. Graphics can be typeset, zoomed, translated, mirrored, rotated, lead-in / lead-out, micro-connected, and node edited, which is convenient for users to edit graphics.


The machine comes standard with protective covers concealing the cutting area from all ends. The Front Door opens & closes pneumatically. The access to the cutting area is electrically operated.


Leap Frog Technology. Parabolic motion is adopted between lifting cutting contours, while the traditional cutting system uses "rectangular" motion.

The system sets the take-off height and the highest height through PLC, and the contour switching process automatically realizes "frog jump", which greatly improves cutting efficiency.

edge search.jpg

Edge Search. To position the metal sheet edge on the working table which is not consistent with the X / Y coordinate, the cutting head can be quickly determined by the Edge Search function to improve the processing efficiency.

Highly versatile nesting software, compatible with cutting software, unique functions in piercing, sharp corner processing, etc. (controlled embedded nesting). Check with us for your offline nesting requirements. 

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