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Standard Specifications:

Deratech Ultima is a high-end CNC controlled press brake with hydraulic crowning. The Ultima is equipped with 5 CNC controlled axes (Y1, Y2, X, R, V). Options up to 18 CNC-controlled axis. 


An extremely high level of accuracy is obtained during the movement and final positioning of the upper beam due to the continuous monitoring and feedback of the encoder measuring data. Using this technology, a repeatability of approximately 100% (+/- 0.01 mm) can be guaranteed. The synchro system permits two or more machines to be connected together in tandem to provide working lengths of 20 meters or longer and tonnage up to 1250 ton of pressing force. In this tandem configuration, the individual machines can still be used separately.​

  • ​Standard 5 axis machine Y1 Y2 X R + V (CNC Crowning)

  • Available options for Z1/Z2, R1/R2, X1/X2

  • Extra large throat & daylight (open height) 

  • Corrections database

  • CNC Hydraulic Crowning

  • Sliding front support arms

  • Remote assistance

  • Available with E drive or hybrid system

Also available on request:

  • D-Alpha: Automatic angle measurement system

  • D-STM: Automatic sheet thickness measuring

  • Bending aids

  • Automatic hydraulic hemming

  • Servo controlled moving table

  • X3

  • Backgauge with pneumatic support system

  • Barcode Scanner

  • Dual screen options

D-STM Automatic Sheet Thickness Measuring System
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