The extremely fast press-brake with hybrid drive system Ultima Hybrid is GREEN brother of the Ultima, with all same features and options but with GREEN TECHNOLOGY implemented in the machine and saving up to 65% of energy.


The hybrid drive sends the appropriate amount of oil to the cylinders only if the upper beam has to move. Extremely accurate positioning of the upper beam to 5μ. Low-noise, highly dynamic machine. Available with hydraulic crowning or mechanical crowning Wila style, both  CNC controlled as standard.


Environmentally and maintenance friendly: only 35 liters of oil are required per cylinder. No hydraulic tube, which also means no risk of oil leaks

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Standard Configuration

- High-end machine
- Hoerbiger Fast/Precise hydraulic system
- 5 CNC controlled axis as standard: Y1-Y2-X-R-V
- Hydraulic or mechanical crowning (V)
- Touchscreen CNC Controller ESA 650 / DELEM DA 66T
- Correction database
- Double linear measuring scales ensure a precise positioning 
- Robust and durable construction with robotically welded frame

- Lazersafe safety light guard with safety controller
- Remote assistance
- Offline software

​Optional Extras

Hybrid system available (up to 70% electricity saving)
D-Alpha: Automatic angle measurement system
D-STM: Automatic sheet thickness measuring
D-Crown: dynamic crowning
D-Move extremely fast tool change system with tool storage
E-Drive energy-saving drive system
Bending aid(s) CNC-controlled
Automatic hydraulic hemming
Servo controlled moving table
6 axis backgauge: X1X2 / R1R2 / Z1Z2
Automatic correction database
Tandem configuration
Backgauge with pneumatic support system
Remote assistance
Barcode Scanner


D-Alpha is a fully automatic angle measuring system, Irrespective of the properties such as spring back or lamination direction from the material as well as tolerances from the thickness of the material. D-Alpha enables an exact determination of the bend angle with an accuracy of better than 0,1°


UBB Series Press Brakes with Variable Speed Pumps

Automatic sheet thickness measuring system integrated in the backgauge finger. The D-STM measures the sheet thickness to an accuracy of +-0,01mm and applicable up to 20mm of material thickness. The measuring cycle takes only tenths of second, the measured data will be send in real time to the CNC and the bending program will be adjusted.

The automatic hydraulic hemming is integrated in the table of the machine, no tool changing or not-userfriendly operations needed to perform the bend.


This system allows operators to bend larger sized parts without the assistance of another operator.