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Design and construction guarantee reliable functioning, precise cutting results and a long lifespan with little maintenance.


The standard CNC control automatically adjusts the cutting angle and blade gap according to the type of material and material thickness. In comparison to all other machine brands, the Deratech VARIA shear is the one with the smallest cutting angle, reducing the distortion when cutting thin and thick plate to an absolute minimum.​


Machine Configuration

  • Hydraulic guillotine shear with adjustable rake (cutting) angle

  • Rigid Heavy duty frame

  • Automatic blade gap

  • Automatic cutting angle

  • Touch screen CNC controller

  • Upper and lower knife with 4 cutting edges

Available Options

  • Automatic blade gap

  • Double-acting pneumatic / hydraulic sheet support system

  • Return-to-Sender automatic return from the cut sheet to the front side

  • D-Touch Controller

  • Movable control panel till the middle of the shear

  • Finger protection by safety light guard

  • Movable front support arms on linear guide

  • Automatic loading, infeed-systems, unloading, stacking

  • Increased cutting speed, enables a 50 to 100% higher output



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